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a niche creative agency that is passionate about empowering sound in branding.

What we do...

We love creating sonic logos for innovative and future minded brands who lead in an ever increasingly competitive market, pioneering ideas and technology.

Through our team's unique combination of music and marketing experience we uncover the emotional value of brands and translate them sonically.

How we do it...

When you work with an agency to develop your brand identity they take you on a journey through design. We work in a similar way, referencing years of musical experience and coupling this with an acute awareness of how it relates to marketing and branding.

Our process?

Know your Brand

Creating the ultimate BrandSound starts with knowing the brand so thoroughly you understand it inside out. Our experience has led us to develop a succinct methodology of questioning to uncover the emotional qualities of your brand sonically.

Know your Customer

Understanding your brand equally means knowing the psychographics of your customers. Do you know what elements of music and sound could be included in your mix of reaching them?

Know and Sonically deliver...

Once we've evaluated your brand and customers, we get to working our magic in the studio. Collectively our team has over half a century's worth of musical knowledge to share.

Emotional Connection

Sound and music emotes on a physiological level. Brands need to create more emotional connection with brands than ever before in the digital age. Your BrandSound and logo make up the emotional DNA of your Brand.

Our work is reaching thousands and features in...

Retail Magazine | Convenience World | Pharmacy World

Like to hear an example?

What's the sound of 190 films from 82 countries?

We created a BrandSound for Sydney Film Festival to enhance audience brand engagement throughout the lead-up campaigns, during the festival and beyond.

In its 61st year, the globally renowned festival entertains an audience of over 960,000 Sydney-siders and international guests. The secret of their success is an acute love of sharing film which translates into a festival that's loved by 18 year olds, 85 year olds and everyone in between.

What was missing? A single powerful sonic expression of their offer that worked across all channels and for all audiences; a BrandSound to reflect the dynamic festival, a unified communication expressing a sense of the emotional value of the brand.

Sydney Film Festival Brand Story...

When you watch a film on your own you have a solitary personal experience with that film. When you watch a film with your friends, that film experience is shared with your group. Similarly, if you watch perhaps an Art-house film, you'll be sharing that film experience with maybe 15 - 30 people… in a blockbuster this shoots up to 200 or so. The more people in the cinema, the more people experiencing the emotional impacts of the film, mirror neurones kick in. The tears become greater, the laughter louder.

One of the USPs of Sydney Film Festival is screening films at Sydney's State Theatre, the experience of watching a film expands to over two thousand other people. This heightened sense of shared emotion was a key brand message the Festival Marketing Manager asked us to represent sonically.

Was there a problem?

Is everyone starting film festivals these days?* Sydney Film Festival is in the mature phase of its lifecycle and regardless of size and international recognition, the team understands the importance of embracing new technologies and cutting edge marketing techniques.

"To capture the Festival in a simple sonic marker will greatly increase audience member's connection with the brand..."

So how did we provide the solution?

*We admit to running a little film festival ourselves. Please refer: FoxForceFive
We recorded the sound of two thousand people clapping...
added some cinematic awe & pulsating ideas.

The Answer...

Working with the Marketing Director, the Chief Exec and the team, we developed a core thought, ‘Applause’, to inspire their BrandSound story, including elements of cinematic awe and ideas, representing the breadth of the Festival which champions the hundreds of fledgling film festivals. A sound that celebrates the legacy of Sydney Film Festival.

Sydney Film Festival's BrandSound captures the sense of heightened emotional connection shared by audience through the following sonics:


Applause after films nowadays is unique to the film festival experience.

Applause is something we do to show appreciation of performance; after a shared experience, after being transported outside of ourselves, beyond our own lives.

We clap together. Individuality phases into the collective in physical expression.

If we bring applause down to its essence, then this surely is the humble hand clap. The first conjoining musical element we're taught as children. Synonymous with happiness (for more read our blog)...

Cinematic Awe

It was important for us to include a sonic representation of cinematic awe.

As an audience member of the Festival, it's the emotional journey of the films which then results in the shared appreciation and applause.

"Analog bass and a little distortion" MCA, Beastie Boys. Referencing the sonic logos of cinema houses across hollywood, we added layers of analog bass and treated them to a cinematic reverb.


Why do we love film? We love sharing stories, escapism, different journeys, sites, colours, sounds… We learn to think outside our own lives.

Sydney Film Festival share almost two hundred films from ninety countries to an Australian audience craving fresh non-formulaic stories and the resulting new ideas.

Ideas are often musically represented as light bulb moment 'ting's, of magical high chimes. We kept with making pulsating-like-the-brain analog layers of treble to incorporate this important element in the BrandSound.

The Outcome...

A completely bespoke sonic logo to include in the Festival's brand identity and messaging platform to reflect their dynamic nature and their future focus and passion for a technological edge that maintains their position as an industry leader in their mature phase in the market.

Heightened brand recognition and ad recall across radio, tv, digital and big screen campaigns.

Invigorated internal engagement amongst Sydney Film Festival employees who have been reported to have been heard humming the BrandSound throughout the Festival subconsciously…

So what does Sydney Film Festival have to say about BrandSound?
The best part was finding that they just got it right away. I answered some questions, told them about what we do and what we aspire to and they got to work, creating a collection of versatile sounds and music that fits the brand and the type of people we want to attract. Really great experience.
Colin Wright, Asymmetrical Press USA

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